about air shop Australia

When we decided to go into e-commerce we looked at the sheer scale of enormity of the project. It didn’t take long to realize the sheer scope was simply out of the question for one website. The real question was how to compete and how to market to all the interest groups. With the millions of products out there all vying for the dollar and the rapid rate of popularity of online shopping a new strategy had to be developed. What we came up with was the development of new software that enabled us to do anything.

Rather than being an isolated individual all out there on your own (that never works at anytime in life) you become part of a collective where as part of the group energy we all do well.

With that we looked at other mass e-commerce and realized they all had a failing. Their user ability is very clumsy and the average person is simply not capable of being used easily. The other failing of these do it yourself e-commerce sites is corporate greed. They simply charge too much and the hidden extras makes sure only one entity makes the money. You work hard only to give it to someone else.

Its a bit like Uber, Air BnB and a few others. The people doing the work dont make anything – please do your research on that if you wish.

The other fact these lot rely on is glossy advertising about how much you can make. They forget to tell you what your real outgoings are. In short they rely on peoples lack of business ability to do a simple costing exercise of income versus expenditure. That’s why we settled on the flat $20 per year and that’s all we ever ask for. You know your costings. The rest is yours, very simple.

With this site you can:

  • Sell anything on the site through your own shop
  • Become an affiliate and earn huge money (20%)
  • Tell A Friend and you both get huge discounts
  • Sell other peoples products and they can sell yours
  • Rent anything you want
  • Multilingual so the entire world is out there – not restricted to English speaking people
  • Social media share buttons for easy marketing
  • A whole lot more features

We cannot and will not do everything for you. If you offer a product for sale you have to do the shipping calculations and costings. You are not an employee of this website at all, you are a separate self employed person therefore tax and other liabilities are all yours.