Earn a massive 20% on everything you sell. Its that simple, all you do is promote the site through your affiliate link, the website takes care of the rest. East Peazy.

The Affiliate program we offer is really an entry level for people who want to get into e-commerce. A lot of people think they can start up an e-commerce site similar to this one. The world is full of people with ego’s who think they can do everything. We are of the view that factually there would be a 99% failure rate of people who think they can do something the equal of this website. They start it and when they realize the sheer work involved drop it quickly. How long does it take to build something like this properly? About a year.

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We offer 10% commission on all sales you make. The system uses a number of means to be able to credit sales even if the person comes back 3 months later. There is good money to be made for the motivated person. That’s where the problem usually lies, full of good intent and lack of perseverance to soldier on. There is an article in the Blog link about no such thing as a free lunch. Its a fact. Yes you really can earn enough to pay for a European vacation every year if you want that. The above image sums it up perfectly as to how it all operates.

So the next question is what does it cost me. Nothing a whole $0:00. Its to our advantage to get you out there selling and promoting the site. Yes I know, others charge you to become an affiliate. We suspect that out of every 20 people who become an affiliate we will get one good one. That percentage is good enough for us. No – it all doesn’t happen overnight. Web stats are such that a person has to visit a site 4 times before they buy.

Don’t be put off if for the first month you appear to be banging your head against a brick wall. Marketing is all about brand exposure, the more people see it the more comfortable they feel about it all. That’s what television advertising is all about, saturation marketing. So why does Surf wash better than Omo or Persil? Factually it doesn’t. They all have their secret ingredient “X” that makes whites whiter than white. They are all Sodium Hypochlorate – yes every one of them and that’s all they are. They are all marketed as making whites cleaner but actually sold on smell. Yes you buy it because you prefer the smell of forest rather than green apples. Didn’t know that did you? Would you actually buy it if the television only told you it smells better?

Now you have some insight into marketing and selling. You are armed with the necessary information about the psychology of people and be able to do well. Its how you say it that’s important. Get cracking.

Factually disposable income is shrinking rapidly, that’s something everyone knows. People have to start making better buying decisions and online will be the next revolution. Why pay $100 in a shop when you can get it for $20 here. Makes no sense at all. We didn’t create this economic mess as a result of the Lima Declaration (yep that’s what caused it) Australia with a population of 12 million had 4 car manufacturers now with a population of 25 million we have none at all. Go figure. Are you getting the drift of all this?

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