Yes we know its way off topic however this website owner sometimes cannot help himself. Please allow me that little indulgence in promoting the Australian Cattle Dog or Red Heeler. Without a doubt the worlds best dog by a long chalk. Smart, loyal loving protective and a whole lot more. The Air Shop Australia owner has a red Cattle Dog. She is the love of my life. Some seem to think they are viscous however the dead opposite is true. They are in fact a great kids dog.

The Australian Cattle Dog is about half Dingo. They are very quiet dogs rarely ever bark. Dingoes actually howl though they can bark. The Cattle Dog can understand about 250 words, you can say anything to them and they understand. They do talk to you but more so in actions and gestures. This you have to learn. You simply cannot fool them, they are way too smart and cunning. Oh they love to play. You have to be very very firm with them otherwise they will walk all over you and treat you with contempt.

A word of warning if you think they are cute and want one. These dogs are not for everyone. These dogs require a lot of love and your time. They are a working dog and as such require a job. The Cattle Dog requires a lot of room to run around in. Their usual job is rounding up cattle and they nip the heels of the cattle, hence the name Cattle Dog or Heeler. They are strictly a one Master dog, get that clear and have an undivided lifetime loyalty and love to one owner only. These dogs simply cannot be passed around to different owners. If you have one and cannot look after them anymore then they have to be put down as they fret or suffer from separation anxiety and can die a horrible death from that. Sound harsh? Its simply a fact of life about the degree of loyalty and love these dogs have. Don’t like the idea of putting the dog down? Then dont get one.

I have never met a man who hasn’t admitted to crying his eyes out when his Cattle Dog dies. Its like one of your own kids dying it hits that hard and causes incredible emotional hurt. Most never get a second Heeler as they cannot stand that pain of the loss a second time. You have been warned.

max red heeler cattle gog

This is my little girl Max as a pup (not Maxine – just Max). As beautiful a lady as anyone could ever meet. The Red’s actually come from West Australia and their coloring is that of the Australian native wild dog the Dingo. As Max got older her coloring got a lot redder.

australian dingo

The above picture is of a 100% pure bred Australian Dingo. The dogs intelligence is very obvious. These dogs have been given a very bad rap and always by people who really have no idea at all about them.

red and blue cattle dog

Whats the difference between the red and blue Cattle Dog? None really. Just the color. One big difference is that a blue wont let a burgler in the house. The red will let them in but wont let them out. I think the red is smarter.

pee on it

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