Invertors are a very misunderstood device, no, they are not all the same in any way.

They come in basically 3 different types:

  • Square wave output
  • Modified sine wave output
  • Sine wave output

We shall try and explain the differences and applications. One of the big things about them is that these all come with different power ratings for the output. As you would expect the higher output rating the more expensive they are. So how is this power rating work and how do you know where to get this information from.

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Very simple. All electric devices have written on them either a power rating or volts and current draw. An electric jug for example may have a power rating in watts of 2400 watts. Or it may simply state 240 volts AC and 10 amps. Its a simple mathematical formula to work it out. Power in watts equals volts times current, in other words, 240 X 10 = 2400. How hard is that? This is a universal electrical formula and can be used anywhere. So the nearest bigger invertor would be 3000 watts. Bad choice even though in theory it would be big enough. Always and I mean always go for double the size, the specs are misleading totally. For simply a kettle or any other heating device a square wave output device would suffice and its only here you should use them.