google air shop australia seo

SEO – otherwise known as search engine optimization. Possibly the most misunderstood part of the internet. Google never releases its algorithm to the public and is under constant change. There are these supposed whiz kids out there that promise page one ranking if you give them your work and send dollars. Total rubbish.

The days of spamming Google and others with links are long gone. So are the days of what is called “link farms”. The only ways to increase your website ranking is detailed later. The days of having Google friendly landing pages are over as well.

Someone please explain to me as to how some pimply 18 year old wannabe smartarse can outsmart one of the worlds smartest search engines who employ the brainiest of people with the best software possible. I am waiting for an answer. These types are everywhere and people fall for it hook line and sinker. These types are relying on your knievity to scam business off you thinking you will be page one tomorrow.

Get one fact very clear. Google basically ignores any website under 6 months old. That stops those who think they can blast through the system and make a quick buck.

What Works:

  • properly written meta data
  • mixture of H1 – H5, italic, bold keywords
  • images with all appropriate data filled in
  • keyword density of about 4%
  • constant new and updated web pages
  • website popularity, traffic, traffic traffic
  • links from other sites
  • mobile/cell friendly pages
  • content consistent with the sites theme
  • Must have privacy policy or Google will punish you badly
  • TOS – terms of service
  • A means of contact
  • EU Cookie statement
  • Try and trick Google and they will punish you

Now go and SEO your website. Best of luck.