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Yep, a lousy $20 is all it takes to build your own shopping site. No catches in this

A sense of reality has to prevail in the business world. Far too many think they can have it all however they soon learn that this does not work. There is always someone out there that treats people better. The population soon work it out. The best business model is where everyone wins. Nobody objects to anyone making a fair dollar ever. Except any Government that is. The decision was made to structure the business model so that the joining fee was very low to allow a lot of people to have an online shop. Yes use our products as many or as few as you wish and/or add your own.

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Other Benefits of the Site

  • Refer a Friend and you both get huge discounts
  • Great affiliate program that costs you nothing to join, yep, zilch and make a whopping 20% on sales.

Some interesting facts:

  • Mens shoes outsells women’s shoes by about 30%, in shops its the opposite
  • Sex products sell well but only mediocre – the world really is not that sex obsessed
  • Men are more prone to buy online than women are
  • Rural people are used to catalog shopping so they are right into online
  • Do your research, the online world has turned shopping upside down
  • If you want a shop here and use our products am more than happy to get more product in of a particular category you require
  • Yoga mats and the like do not sell all that well, be careful of any niche market selection
  • The market for false nails and the like is huge – get onto it
  • False Eyelashes are a huge seller on this site. Penny’s become dollars real quick

The logic of this was very simple after a lot of research. The sheer ability to sell into every market was way beyond the scope and ability of the website owners. It is also way beyond your ability and scope as well. The massive cost of advertising would make it totally prohibitive. The logic applied therefore was to eliminate every bit of advertising and keep costs down to nothing and allow others to make the money by getting a shop into as many social media groups as they can plus any other avenues you can think of. Its the difference between corporate greed and being a good corporate citizen.

Can you now see why retail giants are having serious problems since the power has been put back in the hands of the people. You may not become a millionaire however you can make quite a tidy income with some effort and work. We have done most of the hard work for you. Forgive our perceived arrogance however very few are capable of building an online shop like this one and we know it. People like Shopify try and convince you that you can however most go belly up after outlaying a lot of money. This is all it costs you – $20. You can afford a lousy twenty dollars, no-one else will give you anything like this for that price.

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Nickel and dime your way to a very healthy bank account