I couldn’t believe what these people were saying. It all seemed too good to be true.

Within 4 months I was earning about $1000 a week and I expect to double that within the next 2 months.

I dropped Shopify real quick.


Money Making Machine

I had a really hard time getting into e-commerce until I found Air Shop Australia.

The future of internet selling is here and so easy to do. Its cheap and very user friendly.

The market I am targeting is yoga and Pilates – not a big market but it is what I want and I am doing very well.


Freaking Awesome

shane air shop Australia

Education was wasted on me, didn’t like school at all and dropped out

Saw this and knew I had found what I could easily do, the marketing model of these dudes is obvious, thousands of people out there each with their own niche area. In my first week I made back my hundred bucks. The market out there for phones drones and other things is staggering. These dudes know what they are doing


Peter & Michelle

couple air shop australia

We have a small rental company on Australia’s west coast. Who we are is a married couple trying to build a life together. This site allowed us to build a site for our products at an affordable price. Add onto that we can offer for sale products that suit our business model. Best thing we ever did was sign up here, $100 well spent.

Peter & Michelle


50 year old air shop australia

Women love their bling, sexy lingerie, sexy toys to play with and there is a bigger market out there than most people think. I simply tapped into it and doing very well thank you. My advice is simple, find your niche area and go for it. Women love the discretion that on line shopping gives




I am from Michigan USA and market a specialty coffee bean that comes from South America. Like all coffees the area that its grown in makes it very unique and not able to be grown anywhere else. The multi language capabilities of this site has allowed me to sell into markets I previously considered impossible. A dream come true.

Thanks guys – Josie