There is no such thing as a free lunch. Got that?

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What is meant by that is very simple. These websites offering you free this and that are full of it. You pay for the free stuff one way or another. Someone has to and it isn’t coming out of the website owners pocket. Its a cost and expense that is factored in to the overall cost structure. We will give you 20% off your next item if you spend this amount with us. Consider there is usually at least 100% markup on everything then take a look at how much is really made out of you on something you possibly didn’t really need anyway.

Consider normal packaging, why would you want to buy 2 bath plugs? Yes I have seen it in the hardware shops. I only have one bath. The other answer is I could not find an on its own single bath plug to buy.

The infamous BOGOF sale. Buy one get one free. No, the second one isn’t free at all. You are paying full price for it. Shoes, there is a favorite scam. You can get 20% off the second pair. Hang on, I only wanted one pair. Oh yes, I forgot, I am supposed to be hustled into buying a second pair so I can spend $80 just to get the 20% off. I feel like I have really saved now even though I am actually $80 worse off.

Then we have the loyalty cards. This is the greatest scam of all. Everything is costed in and to make a profit out of it. If there is no profit line then it isn’t done, business practices dictate that. If it doesn’t make money then you dont do it, life is that simple, its a numbers game. No-one is going to give you a free coffee for any reason whatsoever unless they are a personal friend no matter how many coffees you purchase. Want the sums do you – its really simple. A cup of coffee costs at most fifty cents to make. Let that sink in next time you pay $4 for a coffee. I run a loyalty program where I give you the tenth coffee free. OK, I have had your business instead of the man next door for 9 coffees. I have now made about $30 out of you and all its cost me is fifty cents. Not bad so far. 20% of that $3:50 goes into running the loyalty card so now my profit line is down to $2:70. Lets assume 20 cents is unaccounted extra costs somewhere in the equation. The sums are now it cost you $1:50 per coffee to get a free one after 9 others you paid for so your nett selling price is really $2:50. Lets assume the man next door sold coffees at $2:50 each, no reward cards at all. That’s $22:50 you would pay for 9 coffees as opposed to – yep, $36. Loyalty cards really are not such a bargain after all. Personally I would start a coffee shop right next door to the guy with a loyalty program and sell coffee for $3 a cup. That’s a saving to you of $1 per cup. The numbers dont lie at all. Yet there are some (many) who walk around in a dream thinking wow, I got a bargain. No, you got ripped off big time.

At Air Shop Australia we are a business and wont budge on that fact. We wont give you a free anything at all, you want something then you earn it, it’s that simple.We offer 2 ways for you to do this. Firstly you can have access to all our products and on sell them. Or you can become an affiliate and get a 5% fee for everything you sell. We are not here to rip you off in any way with pretentious nonsense about heaps of freebies. You are rewarded by the work you put in. That’s the way it is in life – its a fact.

Those who think they are getting something free are only being scammed – and they don’t even know it. These are the people you make money from.